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cat lying on the grass in the garden
cat lying on the grass in the garden

Diabetes and your cat

Your cat has been diagnosed with diabetes. It can feel like a worrying time but you are not alone.

Around 1 in every 200 cats in the United Kingdom is affected by diabetes1,2, but the good news is that diabetes is manageable. Even better news is that recent innovations have made treatment easy and convenient for cats and cat owners.

What you need to know about diabetes in cats

Diabetes mellitus (or simply ‘diabetes’), occurs when a cat has insufficient levels of, or an abnormal response to insulin. This leads to high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood which leads to the symptoms that you may have noticed.

What does diabetes do to cats?

Initial symptoms of diabetes can include increased urination, thirst and weight loss despite having a good or increased appetite.

Untreated, diabetes leads to dehydration, malnutrition, trouble walking, and sadly, it can even result in death.

The good news, however, is that diabetes is very treatable. As you will see, Senvelgo® offers a simple and convenient way to help you and your cat continue to live a happy life together.

A healthly lifestyle and consistent care - alongside Senvelgo® - are key to help your diabetic cat enjoy an improved quality of life.

cat sitting on the stairs

Managing your cat’s health

A consistent routine will go a long way in helping to manage your cat’s diabetes. Try to keep a regular schedule for your cat, especially when it comes to:

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